Ideological Analysis of Pervez Musharraf’s Interview with SIEGEL (German Online Magazine)

  • Shazia Ayyaz


This article critically examines the discursive strategies of Pervez Musharraf to find out his ideologies in the background of his multiple identities i.e. Army Chief, President and politician of Pakistan. The study is focused on analyzing the discursive strategies used by Musharraf to express and acquire his ideologies. It also studies the ways in which Musharraf explains and legitimates his actions. Data for the present study is an interview of Musharraf to German online magazine SIEGEL. I analyzed my data following the concept of ideology and discourse suggested by Van Dijk (2006). The study concludes that ideologies are attempted to be expressed and acquired majorly at two levels. In the context of internal political discourse of Pakistan, the binary is between Musharraf (as past and present political figure) and his opponent political parties and the government. The other level of binary is between Musharraf as a Pakistani politician/former head of the country/Chief of the Army staff of the country and the West. He expresses his ideology at both levels in an effective way but sometimes he fails to acquire the ideologies he attempted to acquire.

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